Benefits of Super Mushrooms

Immune Modulation

21 Bioactive compounds, 16 amino acids


Antiallergic properties to support lungs


Improves insulin sensitivity


Reduce pain & inflammation


Protects skin from cell damage and pigmentation


Patented against many coronaviruses

Kidney Function

Lowers uric acid, urinal protein, creatinine

Hormonal Imbalance

Ease in Menopause symptoms & menstrual cramps


Reduces multiplication of cancer cells

Sexual Dysfunction

Improves testosterone, sperm count & Libido

Heart Disorders

Regulate cholesterol, support blood thinning

Exercise Performance

Improves oxygen intake, lower lactic acid

Who We Are


Team with > 150 years of experience, mentored by specialist experienced in medicinal
mushroom biotechnology and pharmaceutical development


High quality ingredients verification through tested reports from Government Authorised
and NABL accredited laboratory


Staff empowered with knowledge and trained for growing medicinal mushrooms under
technical supervision of qualified microbiologists


Manufacturing set up with 24×365 days automatically controlled and monitored
environment under clean laboratory conditions

Research & Development

Incubated to undertake R&D and BSC BioNest Bio Incubator, Govt Of India equipped with
India’s most advanced biotech infrastructure

Social Responsibility

Ergonomically designed facility where all the water used in the growing process is condensed, collected and returned back to earth

Our Certifications

What Our Clients Says



I am a doctor and have continuous patient appointments, so I remain seated due to long consulting hours. This has lead to weakening of my leg muscles, successfully followed by muscle aches and pain. I have been using Super Mushrooms for almost a month (not very religious-as I forgot at times) but it seems to be working as a great muscle relaxant. I promise to consume it regularly in coming days to see its complete effects.

Mr. Mishra Manesar

My wife is 46 and had Menopauses 5 years ago and is suffering from High Sugar, Low Blood pressure, Thyroid, Backache, Poor sleep patterns. After consuming Super Mushrooms for last 2 months, her TSH levels have come to 1.4 from 7.8, Back ache is much relieved, sleep patterns are improved, Blood pressure is consistent around 110/80, Sugar levels are fairly in control.

Sunita Gupta

I was detected with Uterus cancer at the age of 55 and had undergone a surgery for Uterus removal along with lymph nodes and ovaries as well. It’s been 5 years and I have always experienced swelling along with muscle pain in my legs. After consuming a 12 weeks dose of Super Mushrooms, swelling has almost come down to 70% and I feel as if my leg muscles are relaxed as well.

Mr Tomar

I built my house two years ago after my retirement but could never climb the stairs to reach first and second floor of my house due to knee pain. After trying many ayurvedic and allopathic medicines I was advised to undergo a knee replacement surgery. My son’s friend got me Super Mushrooms about two months ago and my knee pain and swelling has reduced to an extent that I could visit the first and second floors of my house. I am very happy with the results. Thank you BioCredence!!

Mrs. Sunita Kuchal

I am 62 years old and had pain in my finger joints for last many years. After consuming Super Mushrooms I have fewer episodes of pain in my fingers. Moreover, I have realized that my energy levels are better during the day making me feel more active and so, I prefer watching television rather than taking a drained two-hour sleep in the afternoon.

Mr. Sunil Gupta

I was unable to move my right arm upwards and was in continuous shoulder pain. Pain would subside for a couple of hours after medication and exercises but was worst at night. I was introduced Super Mushrooms by my elder brother and I took it along with earlier prescribed medications from the doctor. In two weeks, my pain was just a little better which helped me get some sleep at night. I continued myself with Super Mushroomsfor a month even after finishing up with allopathic medicines and I am happy to have a pain free sleep and better mobilization of my arm both backward and upward. I am hopeful that I will recover in coming months.

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